Meet Dustin...

Student Challenger since: August 2015
Date of Birth: 21.04.1992
Degree Program: Bachelor of Science Psychology (graduated 2015)
University: Westfälische-Wilhelms-Universität (WWU) Münster
Previous Internships: Department of sports science, WWU Münster
Psychological practice Dr. Ewald-Cloer, Münster
Bertelsmann University, Gütersloh
CLEVIS Consulting GmbH, München
Interests: Sports (especially beach volleyball), technology, books, psychology of judgment

Describe your educational background. Where did/do you study, what degrees did/will you receive?
After achieving my "Abitur" (the German general higher education entrance
qualification) with an average grade of 1.0 in 2011, I started my studies at the WWU Münster right away. In the sixth semester I decided to write my bachelor thesis about website evaluation using a longitudinal approach. However I always wanted to gain more practical experience, therefore I remained an enrolled student for the 7th and 8th semester as well while completing two internships. When my first internship at Bertelsmann came to an end after 6 month I finalized my bachelor thesis (1.3) before moving to Munich for my current internship at CLEVIS Consulting. I aim to begin my master degree in business psychology in October 2015.

Describe your career history. What have been your professional experiences?
I gained my first professional experience during a short internship at the department of sports science at the WWU Münster in which I participated in the data collection and analysis of group performance of special operation forces. My next posting was at a psychological practice where I focused on test diagnosis, psychological reports and anxiety disorders for a total of one year (including a three-month internship before I became a working student).
The internship at Bertelsmann was my first step towards the free economy. Simultaneously to my internship at Bertelsmann and my current intership I was able to generate two congress contributions using the results of my bachelor thesis and will soon start to work on my first publication.
Other than that, I worked as a temporary assistant at the mail-administrating center of an insurance company for three months after achieving my “Abitur”. Additionally I was a tutor for a seminar dealing with psychological conduct of discussions at the WWU Münster for one semester.

What attracted you to Bertelsmann and your internships? What is/was your favorite aspect about your job?
In 2014, Bertelsmann offered a workshop concerning the professional field of HR in cooperation with the WWU Münster. All participants were assigned to groups and were supposed to develop a concept for a sustainable personnel management. When we were invited to present the results at the Corporate Center I was fascinated by the unique atmosphere an incredible company which offers close to every imaginable media product throughout the world is creating. Therefore I decided to apply on my own initiative and shortly after I received the in invitation to my first interview. From that moment on all my expectations were met: I worked as autonomously as possible in a small, agile team which consisted of kind and highly intelligent individuals with slim decision making processes.

What has been your most challenging/rewarding/exciting task or project thus far?

Definitively the HR Summit as a whole. We (the BU team) had invested so much energy and time in that project and when the event finally took place without any incidents, it was the most rewarding moment thus far.

What qualities do you feel are necessary to be a successful employee at Bertelsmann?
It is definitely necessary to communicate constantly. No matter if within your team or with employees of other departments. Information can easily be lost and induce possible problems.
There is so much creative and innovative potential at Bertelsmann and if you are open-minded you can get to know an incredible amount of fascinating topics and individuals. Interacting with your colleagues and allowing yourself to develop in the inspiring Bertelsmann atmosphere will lead to “success” as an employee. You just have to seize the opportunity.

What was/is a typical day during your internship like?
Fortunately there was nothing like a “typical” day during my internship. Due to the project work (I supported the Bertelsmann University-team during the so called “HR Summit 2015: HR Feedforeward”) tasks were always changing. Starting with research about state-of-the-art innovation-techniques or the selection of appropriate event-location up to the holistic (technical) support of the BU event app, I dealt with a wide variety of different tasks.

What are your professional goals? Any others?
It is my aim to constantly develop in all ways possible. There is no final destination to reach, except for creating an environment which enables me to never stop learning new skills and improving what I have already learned. I think mastery is the key factor of my personal wellbeing and the experience which drives me.

If you have one word to describe Bertelsmann – what would it be?

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