Meet Matthias M. ...

Year of Birth: 1990
Degree Program: 6/2014 - 6/2015 Master of Science in Computer Science
University: University of Chicago, IL, US
Previous Internships:

The Boston Consulting Group, Solon Management Consulting, European Parliament

Interests: Solon Management Consulting, Europäisches Parlament, The Boston Consulting Group, Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments

Student Challenger since September 2013.

Describe your educational background. Where did/do you study, what degrees did/will you receive?
I am currently studying for a BA in Classics (i.e. Latin, Ancient Greek and Ancient History) at the University of Oxford, and will finish my degree in 2014. Probably, I will do a Master in Business Administration or Management after my Bachelor, either directly or after some years of work experience.

Describe your career history. What have been your professional experiences?
Before studying, I worked 9 months as a civilian servant in the Laboratory of Biomechanics of the Rechts der Isar Hospital (Technical University Munich), where I supported the research work and laboratory management. In the summer of 2011, I worked as Summer Analyst with Solon Management Consulting, where I conducted research for various client projects in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications sector. In 2012, I had the chance to work as a Parliamentary Intern at the office of MEP Dr Wolf Klinz in the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee of the European Parliament in Brussels. In the same year I also did my second consulting internship, working as a Visiting Associate with the Boston Consulting Group on a Lean Enablement Project. This year, finally, I gained insights into Venture Capital with BDMI, the Corporate VC fund of Bertelsmann.

What attracted you to Bertelsmann and your internships? What is/was your favorite aspect about your job?
An internship of Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments was attractive to me in particular for three reasons. Firstly, it allowed me to get work experience in Venture Capital, a sector I was very curious about due to my passion for entrepreneurship and digital media. Secondly, the small size of the team (in Berlin there are 2 partners and 1 full-time analyst) seemed to be a great environment not only to gain a lot of insights into all major activities of a VC fund, but also take on considerable responsibility even as an intern. And thirdly, the internship at BDMI was a great chance to get at the same time some insights into the large and diverse Bertelsmann corporation which I had heard many good things about from friends.

What has been your most challenging/rewarding/exciting task or project thus far?
In general, the most exciting task of the internship was to conduct on my own interviews and pitches with founders of potential investment targets, either on telephone or at our office. Furthermore, in the last 2 weeks of my internship I worked as the only analyst in our team since my colleague/the full-time analyst was on vacation.

What qualities do you feel are necessary to be a successful employee at Bertelsmann?
To be open-minded and curious to learn new concepts every day, be able to work independently, and be willing to take on responsibility.

What was/is a typical day during your internship like?
In the morning I check my emails and find new startups in the “deal flow”. I then have a closer look at these and evaluate them in our screening database. All these startups will be discussed with the full-time analyst. For the most promising ones, we will then arrange some calls or meetings. After lunch I will prepare one of these calls or pitches and discuss the company shortly with the team. After the meeting there will be a short debriefing and another discussion on how we go on with the startup. In the evening, I will then look actively for further deals, doing research on certain focus industries of BDMI and approaching interesting companies, do some work for current portfolio companies, or conduct in-depth due diligence of startups in the later evaluation process.

What are your professional goals? Any others?
Currently, my plan is to work in the field of digital media and entrepreneurship. Long-term, I consider starting an own business at some point, if I feel I have the right idea and team.

If you have one word to describe Bertelsmann – what would it be?

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