Meet Boris...

Year of Birth:


Degree Program: Master Studium in Strategic Entrepreneurship
University: Jönköping, Schweden
Previous Internships: Prisma Presse (France), Axel Springer Inc. (U.S.), XING AG
Interests: Business Development, Media Management, Digital Publishing, Brand Development, Advertising Sales, New Media Strategies, Online Marketing Personal interests: 60ies music, European soccer, French cuisine, Travelling to capital cities

Student Challenger since October 2010.

Describe your educational background. Where did / do you study, what degrees did / will you receive?
I started my professional career at Gruner + Jahr in Hamburg. Within a 2.5-year work-study program I gained valuable insights into the magazine
publishing industry and received my first degree as a Media Professional for Digital & Print. It was a shaping experience and an excellent foundation for
my future career. In the following I decided to study Business Administration at the University of Hamburg with a focus on Media & Marketing. I am due to receive my Bachelor of Science by August 2012.

Describe your career history. What have been your professional experiences?
As mentioned I started at G+J and worked in various different departments around multimedia brands like Stern, GEO, Brigitte or Gala. I could acquire
solid marketing skills and learned a lot about the two key revenue streams - distribution & advertising. I am still captivated by the fast-paced publishing
processes behind the creation of a single issue.
In my second year I went to Paris for three months to join the international advertising team of Prisma Presse, G+J’s most important subsidiary. In my
first job after the work-study program I got the opportunity to assist the Sales Director of G+J Media Sales for Northern Germany.
Prior to my studies I also worked a summer long for Axel Springer in NY. Therefore, I gained a scholarship from the Pall Mall Foundation and
participated in an intercultural education program by CDS International. At present, I am a working student at XING in Hamburg.

What attracted you to Bertelsmann and your internships? What is / was your favorite aspect about your job?
Well, in the beginning I was attracted by the rich media portfolio and the various brands of Bertelsmann that have entertained, informed and inspired generations of people over decades. I was curious to learn more about the business models behind this success. Bertelsmann is Europe’s leading media corporation and belongs to the first rate media houses worldwide – but why is that? How could the company grow so fast? I am fascinated how a media company that has to cope with constant changes proves to be consistently successful over years.
After my training at G+J I would characterize the typical Bertelsmann manager as a smart and driven decision maker who is highly passionate about his products and thus inspires his colleagues. I always felt encouraged to participate in decisions and share my opinion. I think that it is a core value
at Bertelsmann to actively take responsibility for your business on every level. As a young professional I was quickly involved in important issues and got the opportunity to drive my own projects.

What has been your most challenging / rewarding / exciting task or project thus far?
The most rewarding time were certainly the two weeks when I was responsible to run the advertising sales office in Paris on my own. It was a
challenge to keep up the business and replace my two colleagues who went on a business trip. It meant a lot of communication with our sales
representatives abroad. While switching from French to English back and forth I was happy to close some smaller deals.

What qualities do you feel are necessary to be a successful employee at Bertelsmann?
Be curious, get involved, share your ideas, take responsibility and finally remain driven & passionate about your business. Simply try to make a
difference in any part of the job. At Bertelsmann you will find an inspiring environment and smart colleagues to succeed with.

What are your professional goals?
Well, my short-term goal is to finish my undergraduate studies and continue with a Master’s degree in International Management to be prepared for the challenges I am going to face during my professional life. Within the next years I want to grow constantly my responsibilities and build up a certain expertise that is always up to date. Therefore I am open to work abroad and keen to work in Business Development & Transfer projects. 

If you had one word to describe Bertelsmann – what would it be?