Meet Janis...

Year of Birth: 

Current Position:


Mergers & Acquisitions at BMG


Diplom Kaufmann (equivalent to MSc in business administration)

Work experience:

Internship with Bertelsmann Business Development 2008 in Hamburg, Internship with Bertelsmann M&A 2009 at Random House in New York, Manager M&A with BMG since Jan 2010


Music, Sailing, Traveling

Student Challenger from September 2008 through Dec 2010

Describe your educational background. Where did you study, what degrees did you receive?
I completed my undergraduate studies (“Vordiplom”) at Universität Duisburg-Essen and received my masters degree (“Diplom-Kaufmann”) from Handelshochschule Leipzig (HHL – Leipzig Graduate School of Management). I also accomplished a term abroad at Universidad del Pacifico in Quito, Ecuador. 

What attracted you to Bertelsmann and your internships?
Bertelsmann has a highly decentralized and international corporate structure which offers many opportunities to people who like to work independently. If you like to choose your challenges yourself, Bertelsmann is the right choice for you. Even though there is no clear career path you will get the support to find the right next steps. E.g. with the Bertelsmann Entrepreneurship program you get the opportunity to work in several different corporate parts and to expand your network. With several programs Bertelsmann offers you a framework that supports your personal career steps. 

What is your favorite aspect about your job?
Clearly, that you get to know every aspect of a target company when conducting a due diligence in M&A. When I started the job I was surprised that a due diligence goes far beyond the financial aspects of a company. You have to get familiar with each agreement of the target company and smooth out all legal issues as well. Another nice aspect of my job is business traveling. Besides being based in Berlin, I had the opportunity to work in New York and London thus far. 

How important it can be to know people in a corporate before applying for a job?
To get to know people as early as possible can be your door opener to Bertelsmann. The people behind the Student Challenge program will do everything to support your efforts and meet as many people as possible at Bertelsmann. For me it turned out to that knowing people before applying was the ultimate step to get the job I wanted. My boss in my second internship with Random House in New York asked me 6 months later if I could imagine becoming an employee of BMG. The contracts for the job were signed before I had finished my master thesis. 

What would you say does it take to become a Student Challenger?
To become a Student Challenger, it is not enough to have good grades. You have to be highly committed in your internship, work hard and show that you are willing to learn. You have to show that you take challenges and want to compete. And, obviously, to become a Student Challenger you have to be passionate about Media in every aspect.