Meet Paul...

Year of Birth: 1990
Degree Program:

Master in Management


ESCP Europe

Previous Internships:

Rocket Internet, Capgemini Consulting, Batten & Company


running, photography & modern art, technology

Student Challenger since June 2013.

Describe your educational background. Where did / do you study, what degrees did / will you receive? 
After finishing school in 2008 and receiving a my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Free University Berlin in summer of 2011 I was looking for an opportunity to gain strong international exposure. I thus joined the Master in Management program at ESCP Europe, which has allowed me to continue my studies in London and Paris, two of Europe’s most vibrant cities.  

Describe your career history. What have been your professional experiences?
I have had a strong interest in gaining practical experience related to my studies early on. During the second semester of my studies I thus joined a student-run consultancy in Berlin, which gave me the opportunity to conduct various projects for small and medium-sized enterprises. In late 2010 I founded my first startup. After a couple of months of preparation we launched ‘metamorphosis’ in June 2011, Germany’s first student business magazine. At a semi-annual run of 5,000 copies, the magazine has truly been a success story for us. After initially distributing the magazine on Amazon only, it will be available in newspaper outlets across Germany starting this June.
Due to my early interest in the consulting business, I spent a couple of months with consultancies during spring and summer 2011. First, with Batten & Company, a mid-sized consultancy centered around Marketing-related topics and later with Capgemini Consulting, where I was part of a project in the telecommunications sector.
After having spent a year in London I was not to keen about pursuing a career in investment banking, which is typical for London-based business school students. Instead I decided to join Rocket Internet’s Global Venture Development program, where I first helped to build the UK operations for an e-commerce venture selling furniture. During a second project, I supported Rocket’s CRM team for its international food delivery service Foodpanda.
After three exciting months at Bertelsmann’s Corporate Development department (ZU) I am now a Visiting Consultant at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants.

What attracted you to Bertelsmann and your internships? What is / was your favorite aspect about your job?
Throughout my career I have always considered working in companies most challenging and most rewarding which are undergoing internal changes or whose environment is rapidly changing. The opportunity to work on strategic projects in a company that currently finds itself in the largest transformation of its history has thus caused my special interest in Bertelsmann. Additionally, working in Bertelsmann’s corporate development department is characterized by true teamwork and flat hierarchies you get strong exposure to decision-makers and your efforts really can make a change.

What has been your most challenging / rewarding / exciting task or project thus far?
If I had to pick one of the many exciting tasks I conducted I considered the most challenging it probably was being fully responsible for outlining market entry and investment opportunities for a mobile messaging service which was presented to senior executives.

What qualities do you feel are necessary to be a successful employee at Bertelsmann? 
I think you need to be a sharp thinker with strong analytical skills and a true passion for media who is able to communicate efficiently, culturally aware and manages different interests as Bertelsmann is a truly global firm and working in its decentralized structure can be challenging at times. Additionally, I think one of the crucial requirements for working at Bertelsmann is a certain level of entrepreneurial spirit. You are given large responsibility and freedom at an early stage and you should honor that with a strong self-interest in making your project succeed. 

What was / is a typical day during your internship like? 
Luckily there was no “typical” day at Bertelsmann. I was mostly involved in one or multiple projects covering a broad range of topics. As diverse as the topics I covered were the tasks that were linked to them, ranging from research on the global outsourcing market for a study I conducted myself to analyzing financials of potential investment targets or best practices in the online video segment. 

What are your professional goals? Any others ;-) ? 
After finishing my studies in spring 2014 I am looking to work in a challenging and international environment that will help me to further develop me my skills. Continuously progressing and most importantly learning has always been a key part of my professional development and I hope it will remain to be equally important in the future.
On a private note, one of primary goals will be to broaden my cross-cultural experiences, perfect my French and one day, sail around the world. 

If you have one word to describe Bertelsmann – what would it be?