Meet Svenja...

Year of Birth:

Current Position:


Consultant Corporate Center, New Dehli India


Master of Science Business Administration and Media Management

Work experience:

Neumann Partners (Consulting), Gruner + Jahr, Bertelsmann Corporate Center Deutschland, Random House India, Bertelsmann Corporate Center India


Media in all forms, Traveling, different cultures, Icelandic horses

Describe your educational background. Where did you study, what degrees did you receive?
University of Applied Science in Wedel (BSc and MSc) and part of my undergraduate at ESC La Rochelle, France. Business Administration with focus on Entrepreneurship and Business Development; Media Management

Describe your career history. What have been your professional experiences? 

  • 2004-2006 Research Assistant at Neumann Partner Consulting (during the Bachelor Program)
  •  Started early 2007 with an internship at G+J (woman magazine); to establish an online network (plus Bachelor Thesis);
  • from here joined the Managing Directors of the People & Lifestyle Segment (Verlagsleitung, e.g. Gala) as Assistant of the Managing Directors during my 2 years Master program: participated in the Expand your Brand initiative (establishing Gala as multimedia brand, developing the online business and adjacent businesses).
  • To conduct my Master Thesis I joined the Bertelsmann Corporate Development (BCN)in early 2009 for 6 months to work on several group-wide projects and evaluate the growth options through cooperation strategies
  • October/November 2009 DAAD scholarship with research and “Understanding India” program at the University of Pune (internship was part of the program in order to prepare German younf professionals for a career in India or with Indian experience)
  •  December 2009 (5 months) internship at Random House India to establish a digital publishing program

What attracted you to Bertelsmann and your internships?
I always wanted to work with Bertelsmann especially building new businesses internationally.
I have been fascinated by the diversity of the Bertelsmann group business: from books to magazines, the TV business, the services and the new digital opportunities.
Deep insights into the real media business and the dynamics thereof

What was your favorite aspect about your job? 
With the changing environment, the diversity of Bertelsmann is still growing. In all my internships I had the chance to be an active part of this change. At the group companies like G+J and Random House I could gain strong insights in the business focused and media related processes and the group-wide strategic approach at the Corporate Center – In all my positions I was able to come up with own ideas and had the chance to take on responsibilities and own projects. I still appreciate the support and freedom I got from the various teams.

What career steps did you take after the completion of the Students Challenge program?
After the internship at RHI I subsequently worked for RHI and Bertelsmann in India as project Manager to establish and grow the RHI and Bertelsmann business in India.
Since early 2011 in my current role as part of the India CC team as Senior Associate Business Development India (established Corporate Center in Delhi, support Board and group companies in entering the Indian market and grow the business in India)

What would you say does it take to become a Student Challenger?

  • Strong interest in media
  • Strong believes and future plans while being creative and open-minded