Meet Timo...

Year of Birth:


Degree Program:

Bachelor of Arts - Business Administration


Berlin School of Economics and Law (Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht)

Previous Internships:

Product Manager at Besser Betreut GmbH, Berliner Bank


Climbing, Basketball, Music, Travelling, Entrepreneuship, IT 

Describe your educational background. Where did / do you study, what degrees did / will you receive?
Since April 2009 I am studying at the Berlin School of Economics and Law to achieve my Bachelor of Arts - Business Administration. In 2010 I spent a semester studying at the Alliance Business School in Bangalore (India), which broadened my horizon concerning the different approach to solving problems and of course improved my general understanding of other cultures. 

Describe your career history. What have been your professional experiences?
Previous to my internship at BMG I have been working as a Product Manager for an internet based company for about 1.5 years. During that time I gained the required skills in project management and a broad IT-Knowledge for my tasks at BMG. My tasks included planning the roadmap for the developer team, creating concepts & new features and cross-department communication.
Right now at BMG I am working in the IT infrastructure area on projects like: Introducing a new Document Management System, the new SSL Portal and as Product Manager for our Webapplications and others. Part of my workday is also a lot of operational tasks like handling mayor incidents and working with arvato on critical topics. 

What attracted you to Bertelsmann and your internships? What is / was your favorite aspect about your job?
The favorite aspect is definitely the possibility to work on my own, toindeoprojects and the possibility to work around the globe. My superior grants me a lot of freedom and includes me in many projects, in which I can learn and participate as a full integrated member of the team.

What has been your most challenging / rewarding / exciting task or project thus far?
There was one occasion which challenging, exciting and rewarding at the same time: When my superior was on holiday, since in the department basically consisted of me and him at that point I had to handle all the tasks and issues on my own. Which according to my boss I did quite successful (He was happy he hasn’t had to deal with any emergency calls).

What qualities do you feel are necessary to be a successful employee at Bertelsmann?
In an international company the ability to adapt to different cultural influences is as important as being flexible and approach problems and tasks proactive.

What was / is a typical day during your internship like?
Mails & Calls & Meetings…

What are your professional goals? Any others ;-) ?
At some point I want to have my own company. 

If you had one word to describe Bertelsmann – what would it be?