Meet Benjamin...

Year of Birth: 1993
Degree Program: International Marketing and Sales
University: FH Münster - University of Applied Sciences
Previous Internships: AZ fundraising services GmbH & Co. KG
Interests: swimming, jogging, skiing

Student Challenger since February 2016.

Describe your educational background. Where did/do you study, what degrees did/will you receive?
I completed my Business Administration studies in Bonn with 1.8. I wrote my bachelor thesis about the development of the fundraising market in Germany. I will start with my studies “International Marketing and Sales” in Münster around March.

Describe your career history. What have been your professional experiences?
My wish to study an international business course started with my A-level in an economical high school. During this time I got my first economic related experiences. The wish to be internationally related is linked to my practical training at arvato Government Services in Liverpool. It was the first time for me being in a foreign country and to be responsible for my own.
During my studies I got the opportunity to take part in a summer school program in Ghana. This motivated me to apply for a semester abroad in China. To finance my stays abroad I worked for hbkpartner, indialogum and the Society for Promotion of East – West Knowledge Transfer. hbkpartner and indialogum are both recruitment companies, I supported them in the search of qualified candidates. The Society for Promotion of East – West Knowledge Transfer is specialized in organizing conferences with the topic “Development of the medical and pharmaceutical industry in Russia”. Afterwards I did an apprenticeship at AZ fundraising services GmbH, a Bertelsmann company. I was working in the Key Account and Online Marketing department. It was amazing to support projects that improve our world.

What attracted you to Bertelsmann and your internships? What is/was your favorite aspect about your job?
Bertelsmann is attractive, because it has many opportunities to grow and work in different fields. For example in the service sector with arvato or in the media field with the RTL Group. These fields are developing rapidly and give you the change for self-development.
I applied at Bertelsmann to get to know more about the service sector and luckily I learned more about the fundraising market. I really loved to do a lot of different tasks and to get to know new departments and products of the service sector. Furthermore it was a great experience to get so much responsibility and even being allowed to present our results in front of our client.

What has been your most challenging/rewarding/exciting task or project thus far?     
This question is hard to answer. There were some challenging projects during my previous work time.
In the content of Bertelsmann I would name my last project during my internship at Bertelsmann.
I was asked to develop an online marketing strategy to attract major donors.
Our fundraising team tried new creative methods to get innovative fundraising ideas, for example the 635-Method. Through research, experience of our fundraising Team and own creativity we worked out a strategy to win major online donors. In the end I was allowed to present our results in front of our client.

What qualities do you feel are necessary to be a successful employee at Bertelsmann?
You should enjoy to learn every day new things. Moreover it is really important to be flexible, it can be that one day to another you do the same task in a different way.

What was/is a typical day during your internship like?
In the morning you check your E-Mail account if there are any important things that have to be done. Afterwards you have a meeting with your supervisor. You talk about the latest projects and about new tasks that have to be done. During the day you are working on your tasks and supporting your colleagues. At lunchtime you normally try to go together with your colleagues to the canteen. It is the perfect time for some networking and to get to know each other. In the afternoon you continue to work on your projects and in my case I was allowed to do some research for my bachelor thesis.

What are your professional goals? Any others?
In my future I want work together with clients in an Online Marketing field and help them to solve their problems. Furthermore I want to work together with a multinational team.

If you have one word to describe Bertelsmann – what would it be?