Meet Sarah

Date Of Birth: 16.12.1992
Degree Program: Master of Science in International Management
University: ESB Business School
Previous Internships: Mercedes-Benz UK Limited, General Assembly of the State of Tennessee & Wepa Produktion GmbH & Co. KG
Student Challenger since: December 2016

Describe your educational background. Where did/do you study, what degrees did/will you receive?
I was awarded my bachelor’s degree in International Management from the University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrück in June 2016. Since September 2016 I’m studying at the ESB Business School to obtain my master’s degree in International Management.

Describe your career history. What have been your professional experiences?

So far, I completed four internships in very different areas.
My first internship was in my hometown after I graduated from school. I got to know the processes in a purchasing department and that’s when I decided I would like to study business or management.
During my first summer break at university I had the opportunity to do an internship abroad with the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee. It was an interesting experience to learn about the processes in a political environment.
Before my internship with Bertelsmann I was in the UK with Mercedes-Benz. This was my compulsory internship for my study program. I very much liked the opportunity to go abroad again and I worked in an international team in the HR department.
My internship with Bertelsmann was in the Corporate Network department and it was a great opportunity to get to know all parts of Bertelsmann.

What attracted you to Bertelsmann and your internships? What is/was your favorite aspect about your job?
Bertelsmann is a really diverse company, not just in its portfolio, but also the employees and the international presence. This fascinated me from the beginning. However, I liked as well that Bertelsmann and the employees trust and respect one another.
My favorite aspect about my internship was that I was treated as a real team member. However also, the internationality. I was able to work together with Bertelsmann employees from around the world, which made the everyday tasks really interesting.

What has been your most challenging/rewarding/exciting task or project thus far?     
One of the most exciting projects with Bertelsmann was the co-organization of the Orientation day in Berlin. I had the opportunity to meet employees from different division from around the world. To see everyone working together and experiencing the Bertelsmann world was really nice.

What qualities do you feel are necessary to be a successful employee at Bertelsmann?
I think being a team player is really important. During my internship I was often in situations when I needed support or information from colleagues and everyone was willing to help and to provide me with feedback as fast as possible.
Moreover, good communication skills are essential, because of Bertelsmann’s decentralized structure.

What was/is a typical day during your internship like?

I believe there was no day like the other in BCN, however some recurring tasks had to be completed, such as preparing various presentation for Country Coordination Meetings or the Orientation Day. Therefore, research for such presentation, but also for different projects or papers that were requested, had to be done. Moreover, cooperation ideas and the status after Country Coordination Meetings had to be listed and followed up.

What are your professional goals? Any others?
My next goal is to successfully complete my Master studies. Afterwards, I would like to start my career with a trainee to get an overview over a few departments and to develop my professional skills. Later I see myself in a leading position in an international company.
As a personal goal I would like to complete my first half-marathon this year.

If you have one word to describe Bertelsmann – what would it be?