Bertelsmann Education Group

The Bertelsmann Education Group comprises Bertelsmann’s educational activities. With digital education and service offerings focused in the health and technology sectors, the group has set out to shape learning in the 21st century, drawing on Bertelsmann’s resources and global network in the process.

Within these sectors, the Bertelsmann Education Group works to create systems for lifelong learning, where the content taught is specifically tailored to the real-life needs of employers (Education to Employment). This benefits both learners and businesses.

In general, the global megatrend of education is of special significance in Bertelsmann’s growth strategy: In the years ahead, it will be developed into a third mainstay of the Group’s international, fast-growing portfolio – alongside the media and services businesses. Because the education business requires both content and service expertise, it is an excellent match for the Group’s skillset.

Growth in the education sector is driven by the global shortage of skilled professionals, rapidly growing middle classes in emerging markets – and the transformation to digital. Digitization has created effective new ways of making education widely accessible: innovatively, anytime-anywhere, and often at considerably less expense than by conventional means.

The Bertelsmann Education Group focuses its businesses on E-learning (priorities: healthcare and technology) and Online Services. The education providers Relias Learning and Udacity, and the online education services provider HotChalk form the core of the education businesses. All businesses fulfill Bertelsmann’s strategic investment criteria: good growth prospects, global reach, a proven digital business model, scalability, and low susceptibility to economic cycles.

Relias Learning
With the complete takeover of the U.S. education provider Relias Learning in October 2014, its biggest direct investment in education to date, Bertelsmann took a significant acquisitive step in expanding its education business. Relias is the leading provider of online training and compliance in the U.S. healthcare sector; the business benefits of the three global megatrends education, health and digitization. The use of high-quality, interactive content makes Relias program so effective in disseminating digital teaching materials.

Udacity is regarded as Silicon Valley’s own university and is one of the world’s most innovative providers of online training. The Bertelsmann Education Group is its largest strategic investor. Founded by former Stanford professor Sebastian Thrun in 2011, the company partners with leading tech companies like Google, Facebook and to develop online training courses. Students can systematically prepare for jobs in the tech sector by acquiring job-specific certifications (“nanodegrees”).

Since 2015, the Bertelsmann Education Group has been the largest shareholder in HotChalk, a leading online education services provider in the U.S. HotChalk supports universities in successfully running online degree programs. For instance, the company works with the universities to author curriculum content, and assists with marketing activities and student recruitment. The focus is on online master's and doctoral programs at various not-for-profit universities.


What is CYOC?

CYOC is the abbreviation for "Create Your Own Career"

The slogan emphasizes individual career opportunities and entrepreneurial freedom, which employees of Bertelsmann get. The following video shows what Create Your Own Career means for our employees.